Road Blocker

Yol kesici, Road Blocker

Yol kesici, Road Blocker

Road blocker is an easy-to-install product which is designed to prevent the vehicles from entering the opposite direction in one-way roads. It is also possible to use it in car parks, schools, municipalities, closed roads etc. Road blocker facilitates the passage of the pedestrians and ensures controlled entry of vehicles. As a Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems, we offer different alternatives to our customers according to their usage.

Road blocker is a product developed to provide security and control of passengers in business centers, plazas, shopping malls, official establishments, consulates, etc., which require high security. It is fully compatible with remote, button or any access control system. This system can synchronize with rising bollard, trap or any other security systems to ensure safe entry of vehicles while keeping the defense at the highest possible level. For system control, face detection device, fingerprint recognition device, card reader, remote control, button control or any security control system which can give dry contact can be used.

Road blocker is a technical construction element that can be used in main or tail entrance of places where requiring high security precautions, can be controlled remotely with hydraulic oil pressure, steel body and electromechanical sections and can be handled manually in emergencies.

Road Blocker Technicial Specifications

1. Standard width: 3000 mm-6000 mm

2. Standard height: 650 mm – 800 mm

3. Blocker sheet thickness 5-6 mm, resistor shaft thickness 65 mm/ MPU. Vertical shaft thickness 80mm/ MPU.

4. Emergency battery voltage 220V (operations can be done by remote control)

5. Ability to manually download at power interruptions.

 Road Blocker Other Features

The road blocker works completely on the hydraulic system and can lift 30 tons of load.

Blocking capacity 80 Km/ h for a 30 ton truck.

Standard running time is 3 seconds.

Motor carrying capacity 4 KW.

Water discharge pump for rain and water is available.

Delivery time: 3 -4 weeks