Fire Doors


Fire doors and systems, which should have all the necessary hardware and accessories, should be delivered to the right hand, and human lives should not be risked.

The emergency exit doors, which will save time thanks to the panic arm with features that can be easily opened from the inside when locked from the outside and must have proper functioning and easy opening. It is produced in three varieties as single wing, double wing and with glass. Making of durable metals contributes to saving many people’s life.

Our doors, which have as decorative features as they are functional, also have the option of being produced in accordance with the concept and colors of the areas with stylish design and the aesthetic anxiety areas where the visuals are kept on the front. Glass and wooden look fire doors are the ideal doors for such areas.


Technical Specifications

90 minutes fire resistant.
A panic arm that opens the door from the inside, even if it is closed from the outside.
Special gasket that never expels smoke by expanding at temperatures above 75 ° C.
Attachment capability of fire resistant glass.
Right or left opening.
Adjustable hinges.
Optionally lower chassis part system.
Additional part for anchorage.


Fire Doors Types

Double wing.
Single wing.


Areas of use of  fire doors

Shopping malls