Automatic Shutter Door

Otomatik kepenk

In the old shutter culture, matt and unsightly shuuters were produced and these shutters were opened by hand. These shutters, which are still produced but gradually leave the automatic shutter, are getting ready to take its place on the history pages. The new generation of automatic shutter systems has a much more elegant and guaranteed working system. Excellent color and pattern options make your workplace’s decor a little more spectacular. Motor power is preferred according to automatic shutter weight.

Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems, which also provides services in the field of manufacturing automatic shutters and roller shutters used to ensure the safety of your homes and businesses in today’s conditions, also provides installation and technical service. Specially cut profiles according to the customer’s dimensions, protects your spaces safely in accordance with all sizes and openings, comfortable and safe to use, resistant to explosive and flammable materials.

In automatic shutters, there are micro-perforated and windowed profiles for transparency showcase for your workplace, so you can display your products safely even when your workplace is closed.

The shutters are painted with electrostatic powder paint and you can choose the color of the shutters according to the color of your RAL catalog or your institutional identity. The motor types used in automatic shutters are high capacity, silent and long life. Engine type and power to be used are determined by expert engineers for long years healthy operation.

Automatic Shutter Technical Specifications

In automatic shutter systems, accessories, tube motors and remote control systems, which include a high quality and a wide range of products, are also offered to customers with the products produced. Namely; with a product line containing all the items from A to Z, it is possible to install the shutter and rolling door and deliver it to the final customer without needing any other materials.

Environmentally friendly, high quality polyurethane filled lamellae and other products offer the following advantages.

  1. Sun protection,
  2. Weather protection,
  3. Providing superior acoustical and thermal insulation with high quality polyurethane
  4. Protection of glass and frame in case of possible attack.
  5. Protection from outside the building from the outside and preventing the inside or outside of the building from getting out.
  6. Be able to adjust the lighting conditions in the building as desired.
  7. Some additive protection from flying insects.
  8. Be able to use exclusive colors that will harmonize with the facade decoration of the building and make the appearance look good.