Automatic Sliding Door Operator


Our automatic door operator has been produced by Panasonic (Japan) to give more than expected from automatic / photocell door for Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems with unusual design techniques. Çilingiroğlu automatic door operators can be integrated with automatic door systems or any existing doors and also can be customized according to customer needs. Our automatic door operator is equipped with a brushless motor designed and manufactured by Panasonic. Since this engine has a two-core controller, our product is long lived  and responds quickly.

Çilingiroğlu automatic door operator will be a reliable choice when heavy duty applications are required in retail areas where traffic is heavy. Our powerful and fluid operator can operate weights up to 2×200 kg or 1×240 kg and can be configured in multiple ways.

As with all our automatic door operators, our automatic door can be easily managed with intelligent control that can be placed next to the door or at a distance of up to 500 meters. With the commands from the commander, the automatic door can be fully opened, can be opened 50%, fully locked or  when the entrance from the outside is closed, the exit from the inside can be released by the radar control.

Çilingiroğlu automatic door operator makes every effort to simplify flexibility, allowing you to design your doors uniquely without compromising safety, security and sustainability.

Technicial Specifications:

  • Microprocessor control unit and self learning principle
  • Different opening settings for summer and winter
  • The suitability of electrical equipment to work in 95% humindity and -20 +50 C° temperature range and protection against corrosion
  • Feature of door being able to open and close 80 times during a power cut (optional)
  • Door wings being able to open with a push of just 4 kg. When electric cut force in situations where they are left closed
  • Adjustable sensors for all kinds and speeds of objects (1/5000 s detection speed)
  • Abiility to adjust carrying speeds thanks to fast braking time (330 cm/sn)
  • Detertion of moving objects while door wings close and turning back into opening position (safety photocell)
  • Carrying feature developed as a carrying group of three. Shock absorbing feature leads to a completely silent operation
  • Integrated operation with units like remote control, entry through card, password and touch button system. Fire safety, anti-panic opening, and security alarm computer control systems
  • Five different functions with remote controller:
    Normal Open, Semi Open, Full Open, Full Lock, Exit Only