Automatic Hospital Doors

Otomatik Hastane Kapıları

Otomatik Hastane Kapıları

Otomatik Hastane (Hermetik) Kapıları

Automatic hospital doors (hermetic) with specific application areas such as operating rooms and laboratories which need to be sealed close with full contact on walls and floors and meet the air tightness requirement. Çilingiroğlu automatic hospital (hermetic) door model is a system that can be used safely in any environment where air and sound isolation is required, especially in the operating room and laboratory rooms where hermeticity is required. The hermetic door mechanism and the wing design are in an extremely ergonomic structure, shaped by smooth surfaces that do not hold dust as it should be in sterile environments.

Automatic hospital doors (Hermetic) are doors that prevent air from entering and leaving. The places where they are used are also areas where air must be left unattended and high degree of insulation should be provided. It provides maximum sealing by anti-bacterial surface coating and press closure.

Hermetical doors are preferred especially in places such as the operating room where microbes and air should not enter and hurt the patient. In environments such as laboratories, the materials used must be very precise. Hermetic doors are preferred in such environments, as some materials will affect the results when dust enters the cavity.

Hermetic doors are used in the recording rooms to make the sound clearer in recording studios and to change the sound of the air.

Automatic hospital doors (Hermetic) are opened with the help of sensors to ensure hygiene. Thanks to these sensors the doors can be opened without touching the hands.

It is also possible to operate the hermetic doors with a foot or elbow sensor depending on the request. You can open these sensors with a foot or elbow without touching the hand. The operating rooms are places that prefer this type of sensor.

Technicial Specifications:

1. Maximum sealing, minimum sound.
2. The ability to open without touching any body or organ.
3. Antibacterial body
4. Surveillance tape feature

Exterior surface:

All colors of ral.
All the anodized colors.
Aluminum bronze, stainless steel anodized colors.
Different optional arm options.