Automatic Circular Sliding Door

Automatic circular sliding door


Çilingiroğlu is the leading brand in the industry that produces automatic circular sliding door systems with 30 years of experience for outdoor and indoor use. The designs of automatic circular sliding door systems are in the form of full circle configurations. It is possible to use single sliding wings and double sliding wings in both different applications. Thanks to their circular shape formats, they can easily adapt to different oval shapes.

Çilingiroglu automatic circular sliding door offers you unlimited freedom in your curved facades or in your curved door designs. Whether concave, convex or circular applications can be produced in any size you need. Thanks to the vertical safety photocell hidden in the mechanism, the entire moving area of the wings is secured.

Çilingiroglu automatic door systems have patented thin profiles on their behalf, allowing plenty of sunlight to penetrate inside. At the same time, these slim profiles provide high user friendliness and easy access, while it adds an inviting atmosphere to your place. These slim and elegant profiles can be applied to all other sliding door models besides the automatic circular sliding door. All the profiles we use in the production of automatic door systems are patented to Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems and have ISO (International Organization for Standardization), TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and EN (European Norm) documents and  certificates.

You can apply a wide range of surface possibilities such as electrostatic powder coating, anodizing, coloring techniques or stainless steel in RAL standards and laminate or tempered safety glasses as wing filler.

 Technicial Specifications:

Electric VoltageAC 230 V,  50 Hz ~ 60 Hz
Opening Speed (Adjustable)45 ~ 55 cm/s    90 ~ 100 cm/s
Closing Speed (Adjustable) 20 ~ 50 cm/s    40 ~ 100 cm/s
Standby Time (Adjustable)1 to 9 sec
Microprocessor8 bit microcomputer
MotorDC 24 V 55W / 70W Brushless motor
SensorsPulnix 12 V / 24 V Active Infrared
Carrying Capacity125 Kg x 2 / 150 Kg x 2
Circular Door Application ConfigurationsHalf circle, Full circle
Locking SystemsSpecial Mechanical and Electronic Lock System
Circular Door GlassesFixed wing glasses 6 mm curved