Automatic Sliding Door Garden

Otomatik Bahçe Kapısı

Otomatik bahçe kapısı

Otomatik bahçe kapısı

The automatic garden gate has a single wing that usually slides on the rail.For these types of entrances, a long and narrow gap is required for the door to slide in the opening and closing process. These doors provide the most ideal protection for wide inlets, inlets placed on slopes, or in situations where there is not enough space to open the circular garden gate doors.

Weight and door length should be taken into account when choosing the ideal system. These systems are equipped with a soft start and stop function to provide maximum safety in the closing process, the obstacle detection function stops and reverses motion to prevent damage to people and objects if the door motion is blocked.

There are many systems available for use in residences, complexs and workplaces. Çilingiroğlu automatic sliding gate motor engines, light doors up to 300 kg and heavy doors with weights ranging from 500 to 1400 kg, are able to offer all kinds of special solutions without any problems.

With Çilingiroğlu automatic garden gate motors, it is possible to install heavy gates for large entrances, especially in shopping centers, hospitals and industry. The systems are designed to handle door weights up to 1500 kg. These designs can withstand all kinds of atmospheric conditions, provide maximum operational safety and long term performance.

Circular (Folding) Garden Doors

Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems also have an automatic garden door that opens 90 degrees. Thanks to the engine applied, it works with 2 wings which are opened automatically and independently of each other. The flaps open automatically to the right and to the left and automatically turn off according to the set time. Folding garden doors are preferred when sliding garden doors are not suitable.

Technicial Specifications:
Maximum door weight 500-800-1200-1400 Kg
Speed 0.18 – 0,160 M/s
Maximum pressure 400N – 500N – 600N
Power source 230 V, 1.21 A
Actuator weight 4-9-10 Kg
Operating temperature -10°C ~+ 55°
Exterior surface:
All colors of ral.
All the anodized colors.
Aluminum bronze, stainless steel eco-friendly colors
Different optional arm options