Automatic 90 Degree Opening Doors

Otomatik 90 derece açılır kapı

Çilingiroğlu automatic 90 degree opening door system is one of the most popular door systems preferred for places such as business centers, public buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, etc. With a wide application area from standard room doors to 90 degree building entrance doors, our Cilingiroglu automatic 90 degree opening door systems offer high performance and comfort, produced with the highest quality materials, subjected to various tests that meet the most specific European norms.

The electromechanical automation unit, which operates extremely quietly, also provides convenience in practice with its compact and stylish design with stainless steel body. Our automatic 90 degree opening door system, which can be installed in existing doors with apparatuses suitable for any situation, offers a very rich range of connections between the engine unit and the wing. With a wide range of accessories, it is possible to carry out the automation installation everywhere, on the beam, wall or casing which is in the direction of opening or in the opposite direction of the wing. If the door does not have a wall, a beam, or a casing at a height above the wing, it is easy to implement the automation system on the wing as it moves along with the wing.

Automatic 90 Degree Opening Door General Features

Door wings can be opened at 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees and have the self-learning feature when required. The applicable wing width to fire-resistant automatic 90 degree opening doors is minimum 900 mm and maximum 1400 mm.

Wing carrying capacity: 180 Kg
Wing Span: DW = 500mm – 1000mm
Voltage: AC220 v + -10%. 50 -60 Hz
Opening Closing Speed: 2.5s – 10s (adjustable)
Open Standby Time: 0-9 s (adjustable)
Pressure Power: 80N
Manual Opening Force: 30N
Operating Temperature Range: -20 degrees and +50 degrees

Optional Requests

  • All rail colors
  • All anodic colors
  • Stainless steel profile and coating
  • All color options
  • Different optional glass and color options