Döner kapi

Automatic Revolving Door

Otomatik döner kapı

Otomatik döner kapı

The automatic revolving door continues to be produced by Çilingiroglu automatic door systems with 42 dealers, export to 28 countries and 30 years experience by the leader company of the sector.

The automatic revolving door is one of the most preferred door systems for relieving human traffic in buildings where the entrance-exit intensity is high. At the same time, it aesthetically completes the architectural facades of the buildings and provides flawless solutions to demand when flamboyant entrances are needed. In addition, due to the air permeability provided by the wings, it provides superior thermal insulation by distinguishing between indoor and outdoor environments.

The fully rotating ceiling area ensures uniform distribution of light, leaving no brush marks and hidden sensors provide a non-crowded presentation and clear lines from top to bottom. Depending on the request, a door that closes the gates at nights, provides a stylish solution for top-notch safety.

Automatic Revolving Door Technical Specifications:

The automatic revolving doors are completely controlled by the microprocessor. Since the system operates at a height of 4 cm from the ground, it is not affected by dust, dirt and water which are effective over time. Provides manual operation during power cuts.

Patented thin and special aluminum profiles of Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems provide aesthetic and elegant appearance.

  1. Possibility to manufacture in any size from 2000 mm to 6000 mm diameters.
  2. 2, 3 or 4 wing manufacturing options
  3. Waterproof ceiling.
  4. Carrier profiles have a wall thickness of 2 mm.
  5. The wall thickness of the sash profiles is 1.5 mm and the height of the upper canopy can be increased as required.
  6. Fixed sash windows 4 mm + 4 mm laminar camber, sash windows 4 mm + 4 mm or 5 mm + 5 mm laminated

Automatic Revolving Door Safety Functions:

Manual operation in power cuts,

Slow motion system with elderly and disabled button,

Immediate stop at any impact with heel and shoulder sensor.

Automatic Revolving Door Outer Surface:

All colors of ral.

All the anodized colors.

Stainless steel profile with all color options.

Different optional glass and color options.