Manual Revolving Door

Manuel Döner Kapı

Manuel Döner Kapı

Manuel revolving door is produced with 30 years of experience by Çilingiroğlu Automatic Door Systems and as the first automatic door company of Turkey with patented profiles and completely domestic fund. The manual revolving door provides an economical solution by saving electricity and energy at the entrances of the buildings and can also be easily turned to the automatic revolving door when requested.

Technicial Specifications:

30 mm deep and 90 mm high, special aluminum profiles, exclusive production, aesthetic and elegant appearance. All sizes from 2000 mm up to 4800 mm diameter.

2, 3 or 4 wing manufacturing options. Since it operates at 4 cm height from the ground, it is not affected by dust, dirt and water which is effective over time.

Waterproof ceiling. Carrier profiles have a wall thickness of 2 mm. Wing profiles have a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. Upper canopy height that can be increased on request. Door wings in closed position at all positions. Fixed wing glasses (Side Fixtures) 6 mm or 4 + 4 laminar camber, wing glasses 4 + 4 or 5 + 5 lamina.

Exterior surface:

All ral colors.

Aluminum bronze, stainless steel anodized colors.

Different optional arm options.

Product features:

1. Alternative clear passage height, canopy height and total door height.

2. Canopy upper and lower aluminum plates (anodized)

3. 30 mm deep, 90 mm high special aluminum profiles (bottom part with horseshoe)

4. 4 + 4 mm lamine safety glasses for wings

5. 6 mm dished glass

6. Revolving door handles

7. Special mechanical lock system

8. RAL powder coated or anodised profile options

9. 2, 3 or 4 revolving wings

10. 3 types of canopy options

Type A = 10 – 20 cm

Type B = 20 – 100 cm

Type C = 9 cm

11. RAL powder-coated or anodised grease covers